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Interior Painting

basement before 2
basement after
interior staircase before
interior staircase after
gym before
gym after
interior cabinet before 2
interior cabinet after 2
interior cabinets after
interior railing before
interior railing after
interior handrail before 2
interior handrail 2
Saffian BEFORE-31
Saffian After Interior-13
Saffian BEFORE-30
Saffian After Interior-12
Saffian BEFORE-24
Saffian After Interior-11
Saffian BEFORE-17
Saffian After Interior-6
Saffian BEFORE-8
Saffian After Interior-3
Saffian BEFORE-3
Saffian After Interior-1
Saffian BEFORE-11
Saffian After Interior-4
Saffian BEFORE-6
Saffian After Interior-2
Saffian BEFORE-25
Saffian After Interior-10
Saffian BEFORE-22
Saffian After Interior-9
Saffian BEFORE-19
Saffian After Interior-8
Saffian BEFORE-27
Saffian AFTER-25
Saffian BEFORE-18
Saffian After Interior-7

Exterior Painting

exterior dr bob before
exterior dr bob after
lead after
exterior lakehouse before
exterior lakehouse after
exterior aluminum house before
exterior aluminum house after
exterior blue house before
exterior blue house after
deck house before
deck house after
ext board and batten before
ext board and batten after 2
ext board and batten rear after
ext before logo
ext after logo
Saffian BEFORE-14
Saffian After Exterior-6
Saffian Before Exterior-1
Saffian After Exterior-1
Saffian BEFORE-33
Saffian After Exterior-8
Saffian BEFORE-15
Saffian After Exterior-7


deck before
deck after
Saffian BEFORE-16
Saffian After decks-5
Saffian BEFORE-4
Saffian After decks-2
Saffian BEFORE-13
Saffian After decks-3
Saffian BEFORE-1
Saffian After decks-1
Saffian BEFORE-21
Saffian After decks-4


Saffian BEFORE-32
Saffian After staining-7
Saffian BEFORE-23
Saffian After Staining-4
Saffian BEFORE-26
Saffian After Staining-5
Saffian BEFORE-2
Saffian After Staining-1
Saffian BEFORE-12
Saffian After Staining-3
Saffian BEFORE-10
Saffian After Staining-2
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