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About Us

Meet Arty - the man behind Saffian Painting

I earned my degree in construction management from Eastern Michigan University in 2007. While I was in college, I took painting jobs on the side and continued after graduation. In 2014, I started Saffian Painting. Starting this business was my way to use my degree and be my own boss.


Being a business owner isn't always easy, but nothing makes me feel more satisfied than hearing my clients say they love the work we've done. I love how something as simple as paint can truly transform a person's home and reinstill their pride of home ownership. 


When I'm not busy scheduling clients, returning emails, and cleaning paint brushes, I'm hanging out with my wife, rooting for the Red Wings, and chasing around my two kids. 

We don't have one-size-fits-all pricing because every house and every job is different. Are we painting ceilings, walls, trim, or doors? How much repair/prep work do you need? Are we putting on one coat of paint or two? Our quotes always include a breakdown of price per room, and each room's price is based on a square foot of wall/ceiling space and linear foot of trim. We try our hardest to work within every homeowner's budget and generally offer a discount if the whole job is accepted.
Contact us to get your free estimate or read our FAQs to find out more about our process. 
Why You Should Hire Us

Chances are you have some paint cans, paint brushes and maybe even a drop cloth of some sort already in your house. So why hire a professional painter? Aside from you not spending a Saturday running back and forth from the Home Depot, we use the latest and greatest in painting technology and equipment. We'll save you time, leave your home spotless, and let you enjoy your weekend doing things you actually want to do. 


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