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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a certain product you use?

We use a wide variety of products, however we try to stay away from the lower end ones. They usually don't live up to our standards. We understand everyone has a different budget and are willing to work with you to ensure you get the best product for your project. If you have been happy with a specific paint previously and would like to continue using it, that's not a problem.

Do you move furniture?

Yes, if you need us to, we will. We don't mind moving a few small things out of the way, like end tables or chairs, but if we have to move bulky or heavy items, that is an additional cost. We'll discuss this pricing when we provide you a free quote. If we're moving furniture, we ask the homeowner to remove anything fragile first, and then we will take care of the rest. 

Do I have to be home when you are working?

No, we are happy to work around your schedule whether we are doing an interior or exterior project. We will set up a schedule prior to starting and make sure we can access your home when you want us to. 

How long does paint need to dry before putting everything back?

Paint takes about 30 days to fully cure (to reach its full durability). We strongly encourage you to wait that long before you do any scrubbing or washing. This will ensure the best finish possible. Pictures and artwork can be hung a day or two after painting. Furniture can be moved back into place shortly after, but we recommend not putting it up right against your newly painted walls. 

What hours do you work?

Every job is different, and we are willing to work with you regarding what hours fit best with your schedule. Ideally, we like to start at 7:30 a.m. and generally work between 8-10 hours a day. 

There are so many different types of paint finishes. When and where should I use eah?

The most common types of paint for residential repaints are:

  • FLAT - Generally used for ceilings and reflects no light. 

  • MATTE - A washable paint that is ideally suited on walls in low traffic rooms. It reflects very little light.

  • EGGSHELL -  A washable wall paint that is often used in kids rooms and hallways. It's also a good option for bathroom ceilings because it handles mositure very well. 

  • SATIN - A washable, scrubbable paint best used on bathroom walls, all trim, and doors.

  • SEMI-GLOSS - A washable, scrubbable paint best used on bathroom walls, all trim, and doors depending on preference of sheen. It is more reflective of light than satin paints. 

How big of a job can you handle, and what's too small?

We take on projects of all sizes. We can repaint your bathroon or the entire exterior of your house. We do it all. We know the small jobs are not always the most lucrative, but sometimes finally getting some paint on your small, dingy basement bathroom is the project you've been wanting to check off your to do list for years. We are here for you and are more than happy to tackle that bathroom. Besides, you never know if that bathroom is going to be the catalyst that starts your entire home remodel. We're more than happy to tackle that project too. 

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